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Scope of a course

Each course in this system represents one running of a course. For example, the League holds the Municipal Leadership Academy Part 1 every two years, at 6 locations - so in this system, they would create 6 courses (one for each location). Then in two more years they would create 6 more courses (again, one per location). To make it clear which is which, the course title should include the location, such as "Municipal Leadership Academy 2006 Part 1 (Ames)".

The intention behind this is that attendance records are associated with one offering of a course, so it can be determined which site a candidate attended. Further, each course has a date and time offered field, and this is likely to differ with each site, so this ensures that the date and time recorded applies only to one course.

A side-effect of this system is that if you offer a workshop at many locations annually, you will have a lot of courses in this system - that is expected. Do not simply go back and edit your courses from last year to change the title to another year - you must create a new course for every running of your workshop.

Creating a new course

To create a new course, click the Add a Course link in the Courses section. Fill in the information requested, and either save a draft or publish directly (as desired and based on the permissions you have).

Editing an existing course

To edit an existing course, click on Edit when viewing the details of the course (see below). Make the necessary changes and either save as a draft or publish directly (based on you desire and permissions).

Viewing course details

To view all the information associated with a course, click on the details link next to it. In this view, you can see all the data stored about this course, and based on your permissions you may see additional options such as the ability to view a version history, or publish a draft.

In the details page for a course, you can also get a list of all the attendees recorded for this course. The bottom of the page indicates the number of candidates that have attendance records, and you may optionally click a link to view the entire list.